How Futuristic are You?

The following was found in FUTURE UPDATE NEWSLETTER:

The Vision Center for Futures Creation in Goteborg, Sweden, has developed an online test of your “futures” personality.

The Futures Styles Inventory is a tool for helping individuals assess their beliefs and actions “when it comes to handling fast-paced change and the future,” says director Natalie Dian.

Respondents score their level of agreement or disagreement with such statements as “I do not rush into the future”; “I act against changes that are a threat to my world and me”; “I realize how important it is to focus on future questions”; “I have a clear vision of my own future”; and “I want to work with the big picture in the projects with which I am involved.”

Those taking the survey will receive feedback enabling them to chart their styles and learn how their futures style shapes their work. When a minimum of 1,000 individuals have responded, the Center will offer information on the psychometrics of the Inventory.

The Vision Center, founded in 1992 by Natalie Dian and Christel Nilsson, provides various training programs in futures studies for companies, community groups, cities, and other government authorities and organizations.



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