Using Technology to Teach

Welcome to Using Technology to Teach. Our intent is to provide a forum for teachers and others who have experience using various forms of technology in their instruction to trade ideas and resources. We hope to attract novices, as well, to share their frustrations and triumphs. In the beginning we will merge all of these ideas together, but as the collection grows we can separate them by grade level, subject matter, or whatever works. Now we need your input.

To get you started, the Native American Culture Curriculum topic on this web site has a number of examples of the use of technology to teach to the Oregon Social Science benchmarks.

Each of the units for grade 5 and grade 8 benchmarks is tied to an annotated data base of resources on the internet. This format was designed for teachers without a lot of experience using online resources (or students for that matter), but many general links are provided as well for extensions far beyond the planned activities. One section includes online lessons from other sources, for example.

All you have to do to submit to this web site is click on “Post” at the top of the page and follow the directions as they appear. Each article has a comment section which can be used by the reader to extend the information or to ask questions of the author. We are looking forward to lots of great ideas and interaction among the participants.


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