Service-Learning in the New ESEA Legislation

Subject: Service-Learning in the new ESEA legislation

This recently came from SeaNet, the association for state service-learning

As many of you may know, President George W. Bush signed the No Child
Left Behind Act of 2001 today, January 8, 2002. This legislation
updates the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the
comprehensive education legislation.

There are five specific references to service-learning within the
current legislation.

Title III -Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and
Immigrant Students. Service-learning is listed an allowable strategy to
enhance and support comprehensive and secondary language instruction
educational programs.

Title IV -21 Century Schools. There are two references within this
title program that describe service-learning as an allowable strategy to
support the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities program.

Title V-Promoting Informed Parental Choice and Innovative Programs.

Service-learning is listed twice as an allowable strategy for Gifted and
Talented Education and for Local Innovative Education programs.

Visit the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization
website at: — check out the State
files to see how the No Child Left Behind Act will impact individual
states. Note: You will also find a fact sheet about the legislation,
links to the House and Senate related sites, the enrolled text of the
bill, and more.

To access more information about the linkages between service-learning
and the ESEA visit


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