Service Learning Featured in ASCD Update

The December 2001 ASCD Update included a message from ASCD Executive Director Gene Carter regarding service learning. In the message entitled “Service Learning: A Powerful Way to Engage Students in Learning” Carter made the point that in a rapidly changing world students need a new kind of education, one that includes “meaningful community work.” He concludes “service learning must become a widespread and permanent feature of the educational landscape.”

The new National Commission on Service Learning chaired by former astronaut and Ohio Senator, John Glenn will release a report in January 2002 affirming the value of service learning and including an action plan featuring some of the following recommendations:
Make service learning a fundamental part of teacher preparation
Determine the best ways to implement service learning
Find ways to institutionalize service learning through policy changes.

Carter concludes his message by stating “Service learning may hold the key to connecting future generations with their communities and democratic society at large.”

You can read the full message in the December 2001 ASCD Update. Watch for the report of the National Commission on Service Learning.


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