The Washington State School Planning and Design Process… in Brief


The State of Washington has a planning and design process for school facilities. It is tied to funding and includes a number of elements designed to ensure a quality process and, hopefully, a better school both in terms of program delivery and cost effectiveness of construction and operation. The complete plan can be found on the Washington OSPI web site at:

The purpose of this article is to provide an outline of some of the major components of the process. It was developed for a presentation to a class on School Finance Taught by Dr. Lee Chapman at Central Washington University. The complete plan can be found on the OSPI web site.

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I. Advance Planning

A. Submit D-1 to OSPI

B. CompleteStudy and Survey

C. School Board approval of the Study and Survey

D. Submit D-3 Form to OSPI

II. Financing the Project

A. Develop a budget

B. Hold bond election

C. Sell Bonds

D. Schedule the cash flow

III. Select the Site

A. Form planning team

B. Identify potential sites

C. Evaluate each potential site

D. Select and acquire

IV. Educational Specifications

A. Assemble the planning team

B. Hire consultant

C. Prepare Educational Specifications

D. School Board Approval of the Educational Specifications

V. Select Consultants (Architects and Engineers)

A. Publish public announcement

B. Select design consultants

C. Negotiate agreement

D. Submit D-5 Form to OSPI

VI. Design the Facility

A. Schematics

B. Design Development

C. Value Analysis

D. Construction documents

E. Submit Form D-7 to OSPI

VII. Bidding and Award of Contract

A. Advertise

B. Open bids

C. Recommendation

D. Submit Form D-9 to OSPI

E. Award contracts

VIII. Construction, Acceptance and Closeout

A. Project management

B. Schedules developed

C. Construction

D. Submit Form D-11 toOSPI

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