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Lab for Learning Environments by Lee Burch

August 13, 2002


Laboratory for Learning Environments at Texas A&M University
Submitted by Lee Burch

The Principal’s Center in the College of Education at Texas A&M has initiated the creation of the Laboratory for Learning Environments. This entity will concentrate it’s efforts on the collection and dissemination of research regarding school design and construction.



Growing Your Child’s Brain

August 9, 2002


A growing body of research is helping us understand not only how the brain works, but what we can do to enhance learning. Parents and teachers now have available much of the information they need to help guide the development of their children. In this article we will review some of the areas cognitive researchers in many fields agree are important findings regarding the brain and learning. More information is provided elsewhere on this web site for those interested in pursuing the topic. Our procedure will be to provide a brief narrative description of each finding followed by some suggested strategies for the adult caregiver including learning activities directed specifically to the finding.