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Longitudinal Effects of the Washington State Assessment of Student Learning

September 18, 2002


Is There Any Longitudinal Effect of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) on Student Achievement? That’s the question asked in a recent study by Dr. Donald Orlich of the Science Mathematics Engineering Education Center at Washington State University.

Dr. Orlich states:

An accountability conundrum has emerged due to the passage of the “No Child Left Behind Act of 2001” in January 2002. States are now forced by federal law to show student adequate yearly progress targets, which will be met through high-stakes testing.

But the study conducted by Dr. Orlich calls to question the effectiveness and cost of the WASL in increasing the achievement of students in Washington. Read an on-line version of the study here

Responses to Growing Your Child’s Brain

September 1, 2002

Several people have responded to the article “Growing Your Child’s Brain.” We include here one response from a former student of Bob Valiant, Kristine Ellingson, who has had an extremely successful career in jewelry design and management, She now lives in the Yucatan where she and her husband operate a new Bed and Breakfast as well as other business interests. We remember her as a bright, hardworking student who always looked at things from a variety of angles and wouldn’t stand for “pat” answers. The second response is from a long-time teacher in the Kennewick, Washington School District, Dennis Sandmeier, who is a friend and colleague of Dr. Valiant. He is the kind of teacher we seek out for advice when tough decisions need to be made. As you will see, he thinks deeply about what he does professionally.