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Site-Based School Improvement

November 16, 2002

School-based improvement, sometimes called site-based management or school-based management, has been actively promoted as a means to improve the quality of schools, but there is little research to support the efficacy of the intervention. After working with schools to implement innovations over a period of several years the author has come to the conclusion that a systems approach is required if real change is to be sustained. The present study reviewed literature in both educational change and site-based management to identify key factors that must be managed to to effect the reform. The prominent factors were grouped into Enabling Conditions, Implementation Considerations, and Capacity-Building Components (as adapted from the work of Noble). It should be emphasized that the factors identified here received prominent attention in the literature but may only be representative of a broader range of conditions that may not as yet be identified. A brief description of each of the identified factors follows.


21st Century Basic Skills

November 8, 2002

Living and working in the modern world is becoming increasingly complex. The basic skills of learning that have become part of the enculturation of our children and have enabled the general population to find and hold jobs, make a comfortable home, and follow individual interests, limit the horizons of those trying to make sense of this far more complex environment. Not only are new basics required, but new modes of delivery are needed to teach these skills to both the youth entering the system and to adults who need the skills but have not been adequately prepared. This article will focus on the new skills and on research that gives us clues as to what types of learning activities are most appropriate for learning these skills. (more…)