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Dear Dr. Pfill

February 12, 2003

We have decided to add a category for silly stuff. Nearly everything on this site is something serious about improving instruction. It is time we paused and took a slightly skewed look at the foibles of the profession. Our first offering is a take on the advice shows that are proliferating on television. Enjoy (we hope).


Federal Control

February 12, 2003

Far from “raising the bar” as advocates like to claim, the federal push for accountability through high-stakes testing is leading to a narrowing of the curriculum, lowering of student motivation, increasing dropouts, and virtually no evidence of improvement (and some evidence of decline) on such national measures as the NAEP, SAT and ACT (See the February 2003 issue of Educational Leadership). Leading education scholars continue to raise questions about the rush to control curriculum at the federal and state levels but legislators, governors, presidents and others push forward. It is time to speak out with a united voice against government control of school programs.

Join us here to discuss the issue and to develop ideas to turn this around. Please add your comments!

Letters to the Editor

February 2, 2003

Here is another attempt at levity. Hope you enjoy these.