Letters to the Editor

Here is another attempt at levity. Hope you enjoy these.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I will not vote for the school bonds in the upcoming election or in this lifetime. In 1956 I visited my son’s school (in another state) and it looked like they hadn’t swept the floor in a week. What are we paying our taxes for? They don’t take care of what we provide with our hard earned tax dollars so why should we keep pouring money down the rat hole?

Wilbert Widget, overtaxed patron

Dear Editor:

It has come to my attention that the local school officials have overspent the budget by $46 million. Others may argue that this is an inexcusable error but I must point out that a lot of good was done with that money. The Superintendent and 12 central office administrators attended a two-week seminar on “Fiscal Responsibility” in Las Vegas where they learned some valuable lessons. The School Board was able to completely renovate the Board Conference Room and Lounge and attended the National School Board Conference in Honolulu. The only down side I can see is that we will have to close 3 elementary schools and lay off 64 teachers. This is a small price to pay for the benefits outlined above.

Lavon Leroy, Past Board President

Dear Editor:

I am incensed at the treatment I received at the Open House for my neighborhood school. The fact that I do not have children should not stop me from going to visit the classrooms at the Open House and telling the teachers how they can improve their instruction. I went to school myself at a time when teachers knew what they were doing and it is obvious from what I hear on O’Reilly that the current crop does not. Some of the parents were downright rude to me after the first twenty minutes or so and the teacher did nothing to stop them.

Milly McEntire, Concerned Citizen

Dear Editor:

Sex education is completely out of hand at the high school. My daughter tells me that they showed a video of private parts to the girls in her health class. This was not just a silhouette or something, but the real thing. Then they proceeded to give the technical name for each part. What is this world coming to? The next thing you know they will be talking about condominiums.

Danny Dooley, Distraught Dad

Dear Editur:

I am righting to suppress my export for the knew State Standurds. I do not noe what has becum of the skools since I wuz a kid. It is hi time we stud up for our writes and got them lazy skool teechurs to work like they done wen I wuz in skool. They did not stand for slopy work back then!

And texas is to hi to.

Manfred Ballinger the thurd

Dear Editor:

I am a long-time teacher in the local schools and I just wanted to express my thanks for the opportunities this community has given me. I have been able to work with children who have provided me with a million dollars worth of information on some of the cities most prominent people (you know who you are). These little tykes sure do like to bring interesting objects to “show-and-tell”.

Anyway, I will be retiring this summer and I could sure use a few things to ease my old age. A condo in Boca Raton would be nice.

By-the-way, do any of your readers know what a banker would use shackles and whips for?

Ms. Purdy, First Grade Teacher

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