Thinking Skills Activity: Analysis

Bob Valiant, 15 March 2004

Thinking Skill Emphasized: ANALYSIS


When we analyze a document we look for the important information.


Activity Description:

Read the following paragraph. On a separate sheet of paper list the facts that you think are relevant to the description. Pair up with another student and compare your lists. Discuss your reasons for including the items on the list. Make a composite list that you and your partner(s) can agree on. Come together in the class group. Your teacher will develop a class composite list on the whiteboard.

Two tribes lived on opposite sides of a river. Over the years they began to trade with each other, with one tribe contributing grain in exchange for cattle. As the quantity and quality of their trade increased, they began to interact at a more social level and began to realize that they held differing beliefs about what they would do if a nearby volcano erupted. Even though there was little chance the volcano would actually erupt, the tribes became irritated with each other because of their differences. Their disagreements began to interfere with their trade and it stopped. Eventually they went to war.

To extend the activity, can you convert your list of specific facts to a more generalized form. Can you think of some experiences you have had or have read about that are similar?

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