Thinking Skills Activity: Analysis

Bob Valiant, 04 April 2004


Thinking Skill Emphasized: ANALYSIS

Analysis of your own perspectives is a powerful form of thinking.

LESSON/ACTIVITY SHEET Activity Description:

Each person brings their own point of view to every situation they encounter, but most are not aware that their perspective influences decisions they make, how they approach problems or how they approach various tasks. A powerful form of thinking is analysis of your own perspectives – to consider the principles you believe in and the basis for these principles or to do the same for another person with whom you are having a discussion or argument. Strategy:

When you find yourself in a conflict try to identify your position on the matter. (What do I believe about this?)

Once identified, try to determine the reasoning behind your position. (Why do I believe it?)

Try to identify the opposing position. What is another way of looking at it?)

Try to identify the reasoning behind the opposing position. (Why might someone else believe that?)

Here is an activity to practice this skill. For each statement or concept determine how you feel and assign a value to the statement such as “strongly support” or “this is a terrible idea.” Finally, describe your reasoning or logic for assigning the value.

Statement or Concept: All students must do a Senior Project

Assigned Value:

Reasoning or Logic Behind Value:

Statement or Concept: Students must pass the State test to graduate from high school.

Assigned Value:

Reasoning or Logic Behind Value:

Statement or Concept: The U.S. is justified to be fighting in Iraq

Assigned Value:

Reasoning or Logic Behind Value:

Grade Level Range: High schoolSubject or Course: Any

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