Thinking Skills Activity: Observing

Observing Sequence
Bob Valiant, 14 March 2004

Thinking Skill Emphasized: Observing Sequence

Activities for observing sequence are provided.


Activity Description:

In the description of an event, the order is often critical. In a recipe, for example, the order in which ingredients are added can spell the difference between success and failure. Students can practice this skill by describing various routines of life such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, making a sandwich, etc.

To practice the skill in class the teacher can present an event and ask the students to list what happened in the order of occurrence. Ask someone to come into the room unannounced, perform an activity of some sort, then leave. The students are then asked to sequence the events. The person can come back in to repeat the event so that students can check their original observation.

Grade Level Range: Elementary school to adult

Subject or Course: Any

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