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Do any of these Situations fit your District?

Do all of the buildings in your district provide an environment conducive to learning?

Do you anticipate growth and don’t know where to start in the facilities planning process?

Are you currently starting to plan a new building and want to ensure that the architect knows exactly what is needed to meet your district’s educational requirements?
Is your long-term facilities plan out of date (or non-existent)?

Our senior consultant can help.

Bob Valiant combines ten years experience as a school facilities planning professional with twenty years of district-level instructional leadership to provide you with the help you need to solve these and other school facilities planning problems. He has worked with school planning groups from rural Oregon to inner-city Seattle to create educational specifications, determine educational adequacy of current buildings, and to create a future vision for elementary schools through community colleges.

Examples of Recent Projects Include:

  • Facilitate long-range facility plan, Richland, Washington School District.
  • Studies of overcrowding in a Pasco Washington high school.
  • Educational Specifications for large high schools in Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick Washington.
  • Educational Adequacy studies in Seattle and Touchet, Washington and Milton Freewater, Oregon.
  • Educational Specifications for middle schools in Seattle, Richland, and Pasco Washington.
  • Space alternatives for a private school in Bellevue, Washington.
  • Educational Specifications for elementary schools in Pasco, Seattle, Kennewick, and Touchet Washington.
  • Future Vision workshop for a large high school in Seattle, Washington.

Science Inquiry Training

Is your school prepared to meet the challenge of teaching the processes of science inquiry required to meet new state standards?

Are your teachers comfortable with the questioning strategies that will help students master the higher level thinking strategies of inquiry?

Do you have a plan to ensure that students will have had appropriate hands-on experiences to prepare them for the science problem solving activities that are a part of the new mandated testing programs?

VALIANT, etc. can bring the experience and training you require directly to your school and teachers. Science inquiry is becoming a focus of the standards movement and most teachers have had little experience in developing the activities necessary for students to learn the skills needed to meet the benchmarks. It is not just a matter of teaching new material in the same old ways. Inquiry requires a different way of teaching that focuses on process rather than information. Our senior consultant, Dr. Bob Valiant, brings years of experience as a secondary school and university science educator, staff developer and trainer to your school to help develop the skills and attitudes necessary for teachers to implement inquiry-based science education.

Recent projects include:

  • One-day workshop for Jefferson County (Oregon) K-12 teachers
  • Science Inquiry curriculum development project, Crook County (Oregon)
  • Trainer for Central Oregon Eisenhower Consortium Inquiry Project
  • One-week inquiry workshop for K-12 Central Oregon teachers
  • Dozens of inquiry demonstrations in regular classrooms with K-12 students using materials and topics requested by teachers
  • Two Keynote speeches to educators at a Science-Math conference in Wenatchee, WA
  • Graduate class for Southern Oregon University in Prineville, OR
  • Series of workshops for North Santiam School District (Oregon) science teachers.

Learning and the Brain

Is your school using the most effective strategies to help students master the adopted curriculum?

Are the teaching methods you currently use consistent with what is known about the brain and how we learn?

Bob Valiant has spent the past ten years following the very active field of brain research and its application to educational settings. Dismayed by much of what he saw being dished out to educators, he began to search for areas of agreement in the work of brain researchers and other cognitive scientists. The search resulted in a list of eight promising candidates for the basic theorems of learning. The listing was presented at an invitational lecture during the Learning and the Brain Conference at Harvard and MIT in May of 1999. Since that time he has developed a matrix of the eight propositions to use as a template to map the teaching strategies employed in a school or classroom. He can help your school identify areas of growth potential and provide you with the tools you need to realize that potential.

Examples of recent projects:

  • Development of Personal Intelligence Management curriculum for Gear Up program in Pasco, WA.
  • One-day workshop for a private school in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Presentation to Oregon Small Schools Institute in Monmouth, Oregon
  • Two-way video presentation to high school students in five Oregon schools.
  • Presentation to Oregon ASCD retreat and follow up consulting with schools from around Oregon.
  • Two-day workshop for school teams in Redmond, OR.
  • Presentation to Washington ASCD with son, Bob Jr., in Seattle.

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