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Back to the Real Basics

January 25, 2009


Marion Brady has allowed us to post a recent article we feel is of great importance. He asks us to examine problems we are facing with our current curriculum and to consider our purposes in the face of a changing world. If you want to stretch your brain a bit, read “Back to the Real Basics” .

UPDATE: The most recent post is a paper describing a learning assessment program developed to replace the WASL in Washington State. It can be found by clicking on the link here.

Back to the Real Basics by Marion Brady

November 25, 2007


“Standards!” “Accountability!” “Raise the bar!” “Rigor!” “No excuses!”

The slogans and catchwords of would-be school reformers are exploited by politicians, broadcast by radio talk-show hosts, plastered on car bumpers, underlined by newspaper editorialists, elaborated in the popular press, and taken seriously by much of the general public.

They’re also favorite themes of those leaders of business and industry who, in the1980s, began to elbow professional educators aside and work through Congress to take over education reform. There’s little or nothing wrong with American education, these leaders are certain, which can’t be made right by tightening institutional screws. (more…)

New School of Thought / Personal Intelligence Management

November 9, 2005


Watch this page for articles introducing a new topic to our selection: PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE MANAGEMENT. First to appear will be a presentation given to the Washington ASCD Conference in Seattle by Dr. Robert Valiant and his son, Bob Jr. This will be followed by a more comprehensive article that describes the components of a “New School of Thought” and details of what it takes to construct and manage one’s own intellect.

To read an earlier article on this topic “CLICK HERE”