New School of Thought / Personal Intelligence Management

November 9, 2005


Watch this page for articles introducing a new topic to our selection: PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE MANAGEMENT. First to appear will be a presentation given to the Washington ASCD Conference in Seattle by Dr. Robert Valiant and his son, Bob Jr. This will be followed by a more comprehensive article that describes the components of a “New School of Thought” and details of what it takes to construct and manage one’s own intellect.

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Creating a New School of Thought

February 4, 2002



Leading futurists agree that success in the work force of the future will REQUIRE critical and creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Although these topics are included in the benchmarks and essential academic learning requirements of virtually every state in the country, only a small number of schools can claim any real progress.


Personal Intelligence Management: Manage Your Own Intelligence

March 10, 2001


Recent advancements in brain research, cognitive psychology and other cognitive sciences have created a new climate for understanding intelligence and learning. Theories of cognitive modifiability, multiple intelligences, and constructivism emphasize the uniqueness of each brain and its ability to grow connections throughout one’s lifetime. The people who support the model currently in vogue, standards-based learning, are oblivious to this momentous research and base their programs on a prescribed set of outcomes that all students are expected to master, in sequence, by a particular time.

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